Why choose us

Why choose us

There are several reasons why you should choose PP Design for your next project in Cambodia but here are the main groups of reasons explained.

Young Asian boys fishingFast. Reliable. On Time.

Quick response and on-time delivery.

We understand you don’t want to waste time with endless discussions and need a timely delivery.

We work fast and follow precisely what you have been quoted for, after carefully analyzing your particular needs in terms of website design. Your project will be finalized precisely on time, when you need it to be ready and online, up and running.



Asian children playing football in countrysideListen. Focus. Deliver.

Priority to your needs & expectations.

We proud of ourselves for giving your needs & expectations top priority and attention.

We listen first to your particular needs and goals your website will focus on and always find the best solutions that will fit them in order to deliver exactly what you need and not what others think is the best.  Each website is different and pursues different goals. Our job is to find the best design that will fit your own particular and unique expectations.


Young boy carrying rice in the filedsMobile. Flexible. Affordable.

High international standards at best rates.

We work in Cambodia following high modern international standards at the best possible rates.

Those include all design standards we use, as well as speed, security & SEO optimization for all sites we build as they constantly evolve and require frequent updates and observation. Although this process takes time and requires constant attention, we believe that it is still possible to build cost-effective responsive websites that follow modern trends and regulations in an international environment. And we always emphasize simplicity!



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