Working with Social Media

Working with Social Media

By and large, business owners already realize they need to go on to Facebook and Twitter since most of their competition is beginning to do so as well.

The biggest issue many executives face is that the proper deployment and engagement in social media requires planning and the willingness to devote time and human resources to truly exploit this new channel. Unfortunately, most execs will simply ask already overworked marketing or sales rep to “start the process”. The downstream impact of this decision can do more harm than good when just starting to employ social media strategy.

This sorry scenario is likely being played out in offices all over the country as more and more execs are trying to come to grips with trying to understand where the ROI (Return On Investment) is coming from concerning social media. Since most execs have seen their competition launch or change their existing web site design by adding new “Share and Like” buttons as well as a News Blog at their websites they feel they should also get started doing the same as well.

The big problem with this approach of course is that the first rule of social media is that it is not a separate entity and needs to be completely integrated into a company’s current inbound marketing strategies before beginning to see tangible results emerge.

Measuring the successful outcomes of social media is actually straightforward! As with present online marketing, it involves traffic, leads and customers. The monitoring of the number of followers and fans to track pre-qualified, niche leads and customer conversions is a long term process while trust and loyalty are slowly being built.



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The second rule of social media strategy is that it is an immersive activity and needs to be constantly tended.

That sales or marketing rep who was assigned this task generally has other roles to fulfil within the company and does not have the proper time to devote to this new undertaking. Also, they also may not have the desired skills to successfully exploit and build a Social Media Strategy for the company. Therefore, outsourcing your website design and marketing to a firm that truly understands online marketing is a great way to get started. This firm should naturally be well versed and skilled to take on an entire integrated approach to your overall brand identity positioning; -this would be your ideal solution.

Outsourcing your social media and online marketing to a firm that specializes in these services can ensure your first steps forward are the right ones. Audience engagement is evaluated by observing the channels they choose to reach you! The options range from email, blog comment, Twitter, newsletter feedback, etc. The importance of producing frequent, fresh written content for blogging to a niche audience is vital for link building and developing as a specific niche thought-leader resource. And utilizing an online marketing firm ensures that proper time and steps will be taken to put your company in its most favourable light.

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