WordPress Training

WordPress Training and Tutoring

If you want one of your staff members or maybe even yourself to be trained in graphic website design with WordPress, SEO and online marketing, we can offer Training, Tutoring or Coaching services to you in Cambodia so you are in a great position moving forward. Whether you need basic advice or extensive knowledge on updating your website, we will tailor a curriculum for you and your needs. As a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress doesn’t have to be hard to use, so we offer one-on-one or even group training at your location so everyone can learn this valuable skill. 

Training and coaching services written on transparent boardAfter a training session, your team will be more capable than ever before which will allow your business to run more efficiently. What’s more, it is extremely cost-effective because you will see a return on your investment.

Our hands-on and easy to understand training sessions will help you improve and update your site. Learn expert tips from our team of web developers on how to update and maintain your site. If you need help from our experts, contact us today!


Website Design: Less is More, and Even More


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