WordPress Websites for Success

WordPress Websites for Success

In Cambodia, like everywhere else in the world, WordPress (WP) is the most popular web development platform and the best choice for business, corporate or institutional websites. We specialise in WordPress website design and development and bring our international expertise for building, maintaining and optimizing your website at the best rates.

Since 2003, WordPress (WP) has been around and known as the most popular and free platform for website design available in the market intended for businesses and blogging purposes. WordPress powers some of the most important websites on the planet. In fact, over 43% of all websites found online are running on WordPress and its market share among all other CMS* platforms is over 64%! In addition, over the years, WordPress became the content management software chosen by the most successful websites worldwide over the last few years.

To date, WP powers near 15% of the world’s top websites and more than 500 sites are built every single day worldwide, powered by WordPress.

Below are the main reasons why WP is so popular, and why you have to consider the advantages of switching to a WordPress platform for your business website in Cambodia.

Top 8 main advantages when creating your website with WordPress

1. Easy to Learn and Use

hand with pen taking notes on bloc-note WP is easy to learn and use. You can easily add new pages, images, blog posts, etc.
For each new website, we develop we always include a couple of hours of personal training that will guide you through the simple process of updating your website with new content or keeping in touch with your clients. If you know how to use Word, you’ll be at ease with the WP interface very fast.

2. Cheap to Develop

piggy bank with US dollar notesBecause WP is free and open-source, you can develop it without breaking the bank.
The platform’s software is completely free to use and there are tens of thousands of free layout templates (themes) and utilities (plugins) available online for extending the initial design and capabilities of your website.

3. Huge Users Community

social profiles connected with dots and linesWP is used by millions of companies, businesses and individuals, as well as developers, that build a very strong community available online by different means in order to help you improve your website’s online presence. Working with WP means that you’ll never be alone!

4. SEO and Mobile Friendly

internet graphic representation with words such as SEOThe code developed by WP is clean and simple, which makes search engine tools read easily and index the content of your website. Because it is mobile-friendly and responsive, your visitors will get the best experience visiting your website whatever the screen size or device they will be using, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

5. Endless Customization

graphic limiteless knotWP acts as your website engine. The feel, as well as the look of the site, is 100% customizable that is why your branding can have a chance to shine with the help of your site and deliver a nice experience for your visitors. Although possibilities are endless and the only limit will be your imagination, we always encourage simple and clean layouts in order to facilitate your visitors’ experience at best.

6. Flexibility and Scalability

woman acrobat holding an arrow illustrating flexibility and scalabilityWebsites developed with WP are always flexible and scalable. That means that you can start with a simple and basic single-page website and grow it without any problem to a multi-page site with lots of features and options without having to spend expensive rates and break your budget. Being flexible and scalable is the best way for succeeding with your business website.

7. Extended User Management

four hands joining on top of deskAs WP user, you can set up as many users roles as you can and assign capabilities and levels for every user. We keep the website administration and related responsibilities as long as we develop and maintain your website but this account may be transferred to anyone else at any time. In addition, our clients and their staff get specific editing roles and capabilities, according to their responsibilities, in order to keep their website always up to date.

8. Portability

hands shaking in front of propertyA WP website is not only easy to move from one hosting to another but it’s also very easy to transfer its administrative ownership and account to someone else. You are never bound to a given host or server. Transferring your website and cloning it to another server is easy as it is also easy to change its ownership and administration as noted above. You’ll never be bound to a unique website designer anymore!

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WordPress Market Share

– WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, so it’s about as popular as can be.
– WordPress dominates other markets, like eCommerce, so it’s definitely not just for blogging.
And to show you where those conclusions came from, we’ve collected some mind-boggling statistics about WordPress’ market share, as well as the market share of two of the most popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress – WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads(…)
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Choosing to have a WordPress website in Cambodia is the best initial step towards business success.
Additional and most surprising stats about WP may be found also on this website.

We design professional and cost-effective websites that work and we also offer specific tutoring and training services for launching your own WordPress website or for maintaining an existing one.

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What is CMS?

CMS (Content Management System) is a software solution that allows users with little or no knowledge of HTML or web programming languages to create and manage website content with ease.

Once the site is up and running you will be able to create, update and manage pages, menu items, posts, and almost every other aspect of a site through an easy and intuitive interface thus eliminating the need for hiring a web expert to manage these tasks for you.

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