Websites vs Facebook Pages

Websites vs Facebook Pages

For many years, advertising and the whole marketing process was a tricky one because, above all else, it was expensive. With limited resources available, companies would have to make the local newspapers, radio, or simply post on the bulletin boards around the local area. If they were extremely lucky, TV would become an option. However, times have changed for the better and there are now more options than ever before.

As technology continues to improve and smartphone usage becoming mainstream, there has been a new debate that has arisen – websites vs Facebook pages. For this reason, we are going to assess each option and help you on your path to a successful marketing setup.

Facebook Pages – Ultimately, the benefit of Facebook is that it is so incredibly easy to use. After entering a few details, you will be granted an account with which you can post, add friends, and try to gather followers for your business. With this in mind, your reach will be extended further than your website because you can promote to huge audiences free of charge. In your profile, you can set a profile and cover picture which will be associated with your brand and then you have a free license to advertise within groups and different communities.

On the flip side, this isn’t sustainable on a long-term basis and you will need your own website to gain loyal customers. When using social media, you have to be aware that they are in control of your own content which means that policies and data can be changed in an instant. In other words: you are not “at home”.

Secondly, not everyone is on social media which could mean that you cannot target your niche.
Thirdly, your Facebook URL won’t look professional to potential clients or business partners.

Finally, Facebook pages’ layout is rigid and limited. You essentially get a news feed with some additional info boxes and that’s all.



Websites – Since the introduction of the internet, the website has become the focal point for a business and yours should be no different. If cost is your main reason for looking into Facebook as opposed to a website, you need to be aware that owning a website is no longer as expensive as it once was. When you attempt to build a business, you need a website as your foundation because potential clients will see it as a sign of professionalism.

Only your won website, at your own domain, will allow the flexibility you need for promoting your business or selling your products.

Nowadays, SEO is the main topic of conversation and you will be able to take advantage of this trend to try and get your site or a particular page on the first page of search engine rankings. Although many believe it now ‘impossible’ to get onto the first page of search engine results, you can do it with the right help and the right techniques.

In summary, if you want to grow your brand, you should look into utilizing both a website and a Facebook page. Often, you will want to use your Facebook page in order to direct customers to your website. By all means, you may use Facebook to attract customers to your brand but you need to have the website as a foundation for your business!

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