Getting Traffic to Your Business Website

Getting Traffic to Your Business Website

Business promotion depends on one essential principle which you might have already realized: traffic is the key to your online business thriving.

You may have the best products or services in the world, but they won’t mean squat if no one would get to see them. This is why each and every online businessman will fight tooth and nail just to have a piece of the Internet traffic. After all, the more visitors who get to visit your site, the more potential clients you have.

Here are 5 golden rules you could use to help you drive visitors to your pages:

1.  Content is King

Remember that good content is always at the heart of a progressive online traffic stream. People are always looking for information, and if you will give them that, they would read what you have to offer. Dedicate your website to the subject of your main business and publish informative entries that would hook your readers and make them come back for updates. In between purely educational entries, strategically include links to other of your site’s pages by suggesting their importance to your readers.

2.  SEO Optimization

80% of your traffic will come from search engines. You have to tweak your web pages to attract the attention of the search engine spiders. Now, News posts are already search engine friendly. However, there is a very big possibility that you would be competing with other websites on the same subject. You have to make sure that once you upload your post, it is able to outperform its competitors in the search engine rankings. One way you can do this is by using the title of your post to match the keyword phrases you are targeting, plus put a sprinkling of your keyword phrase in the post itself.
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3.  New Articles

Constantly update the News section of your website! Search engines love regularly updated content, so publishing new entries will greatly increase your website’s page rank, and consequently, your main website’s traffic. Websites should be constantly evolving and offer regularly new informative content.

4.  Social Media Sharing

All posts published under your website’s News section should be shared on your social media accounts, like Facebook pages, in order to attract more visitors. Those accounts will serve you well for creating customer relations and for broadcasting your posts to a larger audience and their links will get them back to your website.

5.  Link building

Accepting links from other related informational websites will also bring to your site some traffic from sources other than search engines. The way that a blog is designed fosters the building of a community of websites, and this will provide for an added stream of visitors for you.

Online News articles are excellent promotional tools for your existing business.
Use them well and you will harvest the rewards in a matter of weeks.

This strategy is called “business blogging” and consists of writing news articles to gain more visibility and traffic to your website.

Those articles should be related to your business sector, activity or services and contain relevant information about them, in addition to your site’s main web pages, and regularly be shared on social networks.

They will drive more traffic to your website, will generate more leads and last but not least they will increase your business authority, especially if they answer your customers’ common questions or solve their problems.

Websites vs Facebook Pages

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