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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Please find below the most popular pre-sales questions we receive about our services and in particular about website graphics design and website development, with some answers you might find useful.

The price for designing a professional website depends on many factors, such as the amount of pages, complexity of the structure, advanced features or custom coding, which result in specific personalized calculations for each project.

A project can be very simple and cheap in the beginning and evolve progressively to a more complex one over the time by adding features and pages, or can be fully developed at initial stage.

It all depends of the kind of business and the goals the website needs to achieve. It always saves time and money in having a clear structure and strategy in mind when starting a new project.

We quote each and every website design based on your specific needs. All websites we design are unique and require different components, features and design; we develop unique websites specifically for your business and goals. We always ask a lot of questions, assess your specific needs, and then only send you a quote based on that assessment.

You can find online several "website design packages" priced at $300, 200, 100... or even less. Those offers are based on ready made templates, often bundled with viruses and malware. You will get a ready-made layout with predefined texts and pictures and you'll left alone to edit it and adapt it to your business, add new pages, forms or features.

They will also include domain registration that you'll find difficult to re-appropriate at your own name and hosting that will take ages for your site to load...

Needless to say we don't work that way and we'll never offer such ready-made packages. We can do the same for $50, as this would be the real value of such packages, but we don't.

All websites we design are custom-made and unique and the price you'll pay for your own website will also be specially calculated and adapted to your specific needs, goals and expectations.

Same as above: every website is unique and different from all others.

It all depends of the complexity of your project and the features you'll need to have implemented. A simple and basic website can be ready online in 1 week, while others, more sophisticated, will need 1 month for full development.

The domain name of a website (example: is always registered, managed and fully owned by the client because he has to be the sole responsible owner of his domain.

We provide free assistance for choosing the registration company (registrar) and for setting up the “nameservers” (the address of the servers where the domain will be hosted).

Please also read more detailed information about domain names here:
Never Ever let Anyone Register Your Website Domain Name on Your Behalf!

and about the relation between domain name registration and hosting here:
What Is A Domain Registration And How Does It Connect To The Site’s Hosting?

The hosting account should be registered by the client and co-managed and maintained with ourselves, at least during the development phase.

We provide free assistance for choosing the appropriate company and best plan, according to the client’s specific needs (amount of websites in a plan, storage and bandwidth limits, etc…)

Price range: $10 – $100/year (shared hosting) depending on performance, volume and traffic

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Shared hosting accounts are the most popular and cost-effective hosting plans.

"Shared" means that several websites share the same server, IP address and resources in order to provide affordable services.

Prices for those plans depend mainly of the amount of storage capacity available, traffic and location. For Cambodia, the closest data centres are located in Singapore.

This is mainly a budget related question as sites in multiple languages cost much more than those designed in a single language because they require a lot more work.

For multilingual sites (sites in 2 or more languages) there are 2 options to choose from:

1. Manual translation – everything displaying on the website - including titles, menus and links - has to be manually translated
2. Automatic translation (Google powered) – visitors may chose from a wide range of automatic language translations (recommended as it is the most cost-effective solution)

Our site is using the second option and you may test it here.
Please note that, in such cases, the amount of languages is unlimited and has no relation to the cost.

All websites we develop are always responsive and adapt for all screen sizes, whatever the devices your visitors are using. More details at this page: Responsive Design

Sure. Your site may be linked to any/all of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc…)?

In that case, you will only need to decide which of the following options you want to use:
– Link  buttons in all website pages to social media accounts
– Facebook “share” and/or “like” buttons in all website pages
– Automatic/manual news posting to social media account

All websites we design are SEO optimized.
This means that the best available SEO tools will be implemented as soon as your website will be ready and a sitemap automatically generated in order to guide search engines spiders and robots for finding and indexing your content.

Nevertheless, in order to optimize and accelerate this process further, it is always recommended you create and manage by yourself a webmaster and analytics account at least at the 2 major search engines (Google & Bing).

All websites we design are highly secured and follow the most recent best practices in this field.

But no website will ever be 100% bullet proof against phishing or hackers. The reason is that there are several factors that can contribute in breaching security protections, such as software vulnerabilities, email password phishing, hosting  server malfunction, etc...

The best protection against those attacks is regularly maintaining your website by updating all software to latest versions, using a reliable host and strong passwords, and above all: being extremely cautious with email phishing attempts.

Please also consult the Security Pocket Guide published here courtesy iThemes.

Yes we do!

There are so many reasons why you should redesign your site.
As much as a redesign is no small feat, you will reap the benefits in the long run.

Do you need help, assistance, ideas?
Just get in touch and we'll happy to check your existing website for free!
PP Design Services and Quote Request

Yes we can! A person-to-person meeting is not always required and everything can be done remotely by using the usual free tools such as Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram or Line. We have clients worldwide and distance has never been an issue.

We always develop websites at temporary and password protected URLs so that our clients may follow progress done daily and notify us for any corrections or edits in real time. When everything is ready and we get the green light the whole website is cloned to its final URL address.

We accept payments by bank transfers or Paypal.

There are several reasons but you will find our 3 main advantages as presented at our homepage slider.

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If you didn’t find above what you were looking for, please also consult our Services page and don’t hesitate getting in touch should you need more information.

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