The Hidden Costs of Cheap Website Development: 5 Key Reasons

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Website Development: 5 Key Reasons In an era where digital presence is paramount, the opportunities of cheap website development offer can seem like an unbeatable opportunity for many businesses and individuals alike. However, the initial savings often mask an important amount of hidden costs and compromises that can ultimately detract… [Read More]

How much does a corporate website cost in Cambodia?

Every business that wants to thrive and grow in this digital era must have a website. Whether you are a well-established company that wants to revamp an existing site or an entrepreneur wishing to establish an online presence, the cost of website development is an important consideration. [Read More]

What is a Website’s Homepage?

According to advertising experts, first impressions are a vital deciding factor in influencing the success of a brand’s interaction. The digital age has placed more emphasis on branding. You only have a fraction of a second to form a lasting impact on the people visiting your website when landing first at your homepage. [Read More]
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Cost Effective Multilingual Websites

About 62% of all websites published worldwide are written in English. In Cambodia, English is the second language after Khmer and most websites are using either of those languages or both, depending on the target audience. Having a multilingual website, readable in more than one language, is always challenging both in terms of budget or energy and free alternatives provided by Google are worth considering when fully and wisely integrated into the website's design. [Read More]
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Why Do I Need To Publish News Articles On My Website?

Ever wondered what keeps a website running successfully for years? The answer to this is “adding up fresh content” on regular basis. Websites can actually benefit from uploading blogs, articles and news posts. A news post regulates a balanced flow of trending topics and exciting content for your website. A dedicated news section on a website is profitable for a business in many ways. [Read More]
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How To Keep Your Website Up and Running for Years?

Keeping your website up and running is as important as Covid vaccination. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can stay in limelight for years. You would not like to eat the same food every day, you clearly wouldn’t want to watch the same movie repeatedly and your friends wouldn’t bother listening to your same boring story again and again. [Read More]
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Launching and Finalizing a Website

When it comes to launching and finalizing a website, it is nothing like the product launch or soft opening experienced in physical stores and goods. Websites are not launched, but rather published online when the content and design is considered to be ready for the target visitors. The launch of a website is only the beginning. [Read More]