What does Facebook know about you?

Social media remains a popular internet application, and is a powerful platform for connecting with family and friends, as well as finding like minded individuals across many topics. Dating back over a decade to 2004, Facebook remains the leader in social media, with 2.23 billion users worldwide, and is also the most popular social media app in the US with… Read More

Bing: search engines have a responsibility to get people out of their bubbles

Unless we specifically disable them, trackers are constantly watching us move around the web, building up a picture of our interests and biases. Then, algorithms reflect these opinions back at us, presenting us with news, articles and answers that support what we already think. We’re more likely to click things that fit our existing thoughts and interests – but wouldn’t objectivity… Read More

How to Generate More Original Topics (and Write More Creatively)

Even the best bloggers occasionally struggle with writer’s block. Being successful demands that you not only generate a constant stream of ideas, but differentiate those ideas from the millions of articles that have come before (and millions of new posts each day). Creativity and inspiration are the driving forces behind visionary bloggers, but you can’t exactly force these qualities into… Read More

How I cured my tech fatigue by ditching feeds

Gum sales have been relentlessly dropping for the past five years because people don’t look around when they wait in line to pay. On paper, smartphones are amazing pieces of glass. They have magically cured boredom as we always have something to do — those endless feeds of content are a perpetual source of inspiration, information and amusement. And yet, feeds need… Read More