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5 Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

Getting high website traffic is a good thing. Equally important is getting visitors to stay on your website for a while. When people stick around your website for longer, it also increases the chances of you converting your visitors to buyers. Here are 5 things you can do to ensure that people stay longer on your website:

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Proven Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic

If you ask a website owner what they would like to achieve most, a majority of them will tell you that they want more traffic and better ranking in search engines search results. With high traffic comes better visibility, more customers and better performance. But traffic does not come automatically when you first launch your website. You have to implement some tools and ideas in order to make your website more attractive and worth visiting.

5 Key Components of a Highly Converting Landing Page

A landing page can be the difference between having a strong conversion rate and a bad one. After putting a ton of time into your website content, you’ll want to make sure your website landing page pops and is effective, so you can get reach the average conversion rate of 2.35%.

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Make Your Website More SEO Friendly

Recent Google algorithm updates have raised the bar not only for SEO experts but also for web designers.

It’s getting tougher and tougher to rank well and that means that you really have to pay attention to all designing and SEO ranking factors. When we do this, search engines rewards us because we are rewarding our audience and providing them with the information and experience they are looking for.

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Blog Marketing

Blogging is hard even if you’re a natural or trained writer. It’s difficult to write and write well on a consistent basis, let alone every day. It is all about sharing knowledge and experience. Thus it is important, that you must have lots of knowledge relevant to your blog niche.

Top 10 Online Proofreading Services

There are plenty of proofreading software and tools available online which allow you to proofread your documents for free. Relying on them for a cursory check while writing is okay. But solely trusting such automated algorithms to verify your work for “mistakes” and “grammatical errors” is only a recipe for disaster, especially when machines still haven’t grasped the intricacies of human language and grammar. 

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website: 11 Useful Tips

In the modern business world, it is extremely important to have a website. According to Blue Corona, 70-80% of customers will first research your business online before buying from you.
If you don’t have a website, now is the time to get one designed.

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The Best SEO Tactics For Bloggers in 2018

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How to hide (noindex) a PDF in WordPress from search engines

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