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Blog Marketing

Blogging is hard even if you’re a natural or trained writer. It’s difficult to write and write well on a consistent basis, let alone every day. It is all about sharing knowledge and experience. Thus it is important, that you must have lots of knowledge relevant to your blog niche.

Blogging is an art form in its own and is a valuable resource in this day-and-age. Print media simply CAN NOT keep up with the digital world (or the public’s demand) and for a company that, as the author has pointed out, has tons of money invested in blogging, it’s pretty damn stupid to go and insult that which gives you money. It is still the center of the social media universe. Now you could easily argue I am a bit biased on that point but the facts support the argument. Blogging is much closer to the informal discussions you have in the hallway or via email than it is to peer-reviewed papers. We have to convince faculty members (and other people involved in science) that blogging is the new email.


Blogging is the perfect small business marketing tool.


laptop on desk for bloggingIf you’re selling and gaining leads via the web, then the web is also your main marketing super-channel. It isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of experiencing the world. Blogging isn’t dead in my eyes. I think a person’s first instinct is to give up if their blog isn’t popular, but all it means is that they have to get better.

Blogging is often taken as informal writing. While this may be true, it does not mean that it is okay for a blogger to disregard writing rules. It is about not following a form, but making your own form. To all those bloggers out there who say you “have to be a niche blogger” in order to be successful I say . Blogging is not for the faint of heart!

Blogging is one of those things which has inserted itself into American culture whether we like it or not. According to the BlogWorld site, of the 147 million Americans who use the internet, almost 40% of them read blogs. Blogging is a GREAT way to achieve that level of communication. Blogging is a reflection in the mirror of what we want to show to the world. For the most part, blogging is about us.

Blogging is not a unique concept, its simply one of the oldest concepts applied to HTML rather than pen and paper. In this matter the buzz word blog and ever possible tense there of are nothing more than keeping a journal and using HTML rather than Pen and Paper to do it.

If you run a commercial or corporate website, think about your news section and update it as often as possible!

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