Month: August 2021

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The Importance of Homepage Headers

In the early days of website design and until some years ago homepage headers were purely informative and, most of the time contained the usual elements like the navigation menu and the logo, some contact details such as phone numbers and plain email addresses, and sometimes a search tool. [Read More]
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Cost Effective Multilingual Websites

About 62% of all websites published worldwide are written in English. In Cambodia, English is the second language after Khmer and most websites are using either of those languages or both, depending on the target audience. Having a multilingual website, readable in more than one language, is always challenging both in terms of budget or energy and free alternatives provided by Google are worth considering when fully and wisely integrated into the website's design. [Read More]
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Why Do I Need To Publish News Articles On My Website?

Ever wondered what keeps a website running successfully for years? The answer to this is “adding up fresh content” on regular basis. Websites can actually benefit from uploading blogs, articles and news posts. A news post regulates a balanced flow of trending topics and exciting content for your website. A dedicated news section on a website is profitable for a business in many ways. [Read More]